Premium Dried Apricot Buah Apricot Kering 1kg/100g

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : FD0010

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High Quality Dried Apricot

Benefits of Dried Apricot:
1.Improves Weak Eyesight
Vitamin A and Vitamin K are known to alleviate eye problems.

2.Produces Hemoglobin
Hemoglobin prevents the risk of anemia.

3.For Blood Clotting
Vitamin K is crucial for blood clotting.

4.For Health Pregnancy (Do consult with doctor before consuming)
The amount of minerals in the fruit promotes healthy growth of the fetus and reduces
the risk of congenital disease significantly.

5.Improves Skin Condition
Eating this nutritious fruit delays the onset of wrinkles and dark spots, and keeps
your skin youthful.

100g or 10*100g

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