ONLY U Keratin Spray Leave In Spray (Keratin Treatment)- 200ML

Supplier : Bu Yao Hair Beauty Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : OU2

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ONLY U Keratin Spray :

Size : 200ml
Materials : From Italy

Instantly smoothess and softens thick, frizzy and unruly damaged hair, recharging it with new strength and elasticity. For soft, velvety hair full of suppleness and healthy shine.

26 Real Pro Benefit (For dry to pretty damaged hair) :
1. Rescue dry hair
2. Silkiness & smoothness
3. Heat protection
4. Restore hair vitality
5. Strengthens split ends
6. Restores hair breakage
7. Easier for ironing process
8. Strengths hair shaft
9. Repair damaged hair
10. Sun light protection
11. Hair colour protection
12. Prevents split ends
13. Long lasting hairstyles
14. Locks in moisture
15. Leaving hair shiny
16. Facilities detangling
17. Increase hair texture
18. Tames frizzy hair
19. Restore hair elasticity
20. Resolve hair inelasticity
21. Adds body
22. Hair colour UVA & UVB filters
23. Pre-protection of colour and perm
24. Shine and frizzy control
25. Nutrition after colour and perm
26. Easier brushing & ironing

Real Pro Benefits :
Special formulations to fill structured gaps with a vonventional ingredient.
Contains UV Protection keeps hair cutile from the damaging rays of the sun.
For strong, replenished hair, full of suppleness and healthy shine effect.
Moisturizes the hair right to its core, with a soft and supple formulation.
A products to support designers in helping them to create their desired styles with soft and fluffy finishing.
The lightweight, leave in vitamin formula detangle, hydrates and protects hair.
Repair damages to the ends, and stores hydration in the hair.

Occasions :
Repair and smooth for unmanageable damaged hair.
Excessive loss of use chemically treated.
When you want your hair shinny and manageable.
Before heat-processed styling using a dryer, iron or hot curlers.
When hair feel dehydrated, stiff or damaged.

Direction to use:
1. Spray onto hair before or after straightening perm, colour treatment or dry blowing.
2. Comb through to cover hair evenly.


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