Food spout sealing clip moisture-proof fresh-keeping snack clip

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : HH001

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Food Grade Material
Food grade PP material, durable and reliable to use. Easy to install.

Perfect Design for Your Laziness
No need to remove the clip to get your snack or seasoning, just remove the lid, here we go!

High Performance
Perfect sealing method brings high-quality freshness and well organizes your opened seasoning bags and unfinished snacks ( Nuts / Crisps / Grains / Coffee / Milk Powder / Juice powder / Sugar / Salt etc). Avoids moisture and dust.

Easy to Use
There is no need to remove it when using it, just open the lid and pour out the food and snacks. It won't be a mess. This is a great gift idea for many people who want to make it easier to seal and pour out food.

Easy to install
Easy to install on plastic or paper bags, clamp and seal the food or flip the top cover to pour out the food. Pour it in and keep it sealed, which is very convenient.

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