Man Hua Household Decontamination Cleaning Laundry Beads

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : HH0102

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Innovative Design
High Quality
Simple to use
Reliable and practical
Enzyme formula. Select the ecologically active enzymes to be carefully formulated to penetrate the fabric fibers and clean the stains.
8 times concentrated.(8g Laundry beads=60g Laundry liquid)
You can adjust the angle at will, more than 200 degrees. of adjustment.
This laundry beads is a phosphorus-free formula with no added aluminum.

Product Information:
You no longer need to measure how much detergent you have to put into the washing machine when you are washing your clothes!!
Just pop in a few soap beads and your laundry will come out smelly so good that you won’t believe it!!
Especially for young people that are staying on their own!!
Instructions for use:

1.Do not cut or tear open. (The transparent wrap film is a water-soluble material that does not need to be torn.)

2. Pour in the clothes and start the washing machine. (8 times concentrated one washable one tube) Do not use the ultra-fast wash mode below 18 minutes)

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