KOREA MILAE Natural Squid Ink Hair Color Cream

Supplier : Bu Yao Hair Beauty Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : MLAE

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KOREA IMPORT MILAE Organic Natural Color Cream
原装韩国进口墨鱼染色膏 (250g + 250g)

Its Natural and Ammonia free and Paraben free.

Using extracts contain ECOCERT organic calendula and extracted from natural plant sterols.
- Organic Calendula extract has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, beauty effect.
- Plant Sterol as free state or in combination with fatty acids and sugar the state of existence of a functional ingredient, and effective repair to damaged and giving enough moisture and nutrients to the hair. Provide gloss and vividness for the after hair dye.

✅FREE from ammonia无氨成分
✅FREE from paraben 无苯成分
✅ECO products 天然成分
✅Organic 有机原料
✅Made in Korea 韩国制造

3 Colors Available :

Ingredients :
The new natural white hair dye of MILAE was extracted from ECOCERT organic marigold flower extract, plant sterols and cuttlefish juice.
No addition of ammonia, preservatives, alcohol prescription.
Effectively reduce scalp irritation and irritation.


Directions of Use:
1. Before use, the mix should be used in a ratio of 1:1 for bottle No 1 and bottle No 2.
2. Then mix well in a mixing bowl and apply on gray hair.
3. After 30 minutes, rinse with water then wash with shampoo. You're DONE !


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