Outdoor Pet Dog Disposable Diapers Wrap Paper Tissue Male Manner Belt Diaper 10pcs

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : PT0001

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-  Non woven fabric: soft and comfortable, keep always dry
- Super absorbent core: it absorbs instantly and quickly, without reverse back
- PE film back sheet: it ensure smooth and gentle touch feeling.
- Elastic waist band: keep closer-fitting and let pets feel more comfortable when movement 
- Standing leak guard: it prevents leakage and provides more protection
- Magic tape design: easy to dress and undress, easy to adjust tightness.

Female Dog
S Size: 26-40cm | 2.1kg - 4.8kg
M Size: 30-43cm | 4.8kg - 12kg

Male Dog
S Size: 17-42cm | 2.4kg - 4.8kg
M Size: 20-53cm | 4.2kg - 12kg
L Size: 22-64cm | 10.8kg - 16.8kg
XL Size: 24 - 75cm | 16kg - 36kg

1 Pack consists of 10pcs

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