Slack SLIMFIT Premium Quality Smooth Stretchable


Product Sku : OFFICEWEAR

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~ Bahan: Poliester

~ Corak: Polos

~ Peristiwa: Perniagaan

~ Musim: Musim Panas

~ Bentuk: Asas

~ Muat: Ketat

~ Regangan: Tinggi

~ Arahan Membasuh: Cucian Tangan Sahaja

~ Tinggi Pinggang: Pinggang Mid

~ Panjang Kelepet: Panjang Penuh

~ Jenis Pakaian: Seluar Padanan Ramping

~ Size Type: Biasa

Product Highlights:

~ 9 suku length is suitable for office wear and causal wear.

~ Soft & Thick polyester feel comfortable even after long hours of wearing, kain sejuk.

~ Slimfit cut & Stretchable stretching and comfortable.

~ Mid waist suitable for all types of tall.

~ Pocket big enough to store personal belonging (Phone and Powerbank).


Stretchable Waist

Product Details

Size: S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL

Colour: Black / Grey / Khaki / Darkblue



Please allow 1-3 cm deviation due to manual measurement on the size chart.

There will have abit of color deviation due to the dyeing process, please take note.

Perfection customers are not allowed, thanks for your support.

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