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Universal 5-seater car seat cover fully enclosed car seat cover

Material: PU leather

Color: See photo

When purchasing, there are 2 options for you to choose.

One: front + rear 5 seats, no pillow

Two: only 4 pillow no seat cover


High Quality Material: Soft Seat Cover is extremely comfortable to the touch. It is more warmth-preserving and feels warmer in winter.


Product ride comfortable and soft, wrinkle-resistant, waterproof, environmentally friendly PU leather, which can be used for cleaning water and drying and is suitable for year-round use.


Easy to install, no need to lift the rear seats if you don't want to. Make your car look new after attaching the seat cover and get a brand new look.

Important note: (please read clearly)

1.7-seater car cannot be used, 7-seater car cannot be purchased directly, please contact us first

2. buyers who are looking for a 100% perfect fit seat cover and mind any defects do not recommend buying this product

3. The product is a universal style for 5-seater cars, not a special style for special cars. Please understand that there is no 100% match.


The point! The point! The front seat is a 360-degree fully enclosed structure, and the rear seat cover is a half-pack structure. Seat back side and seat back are not included. Please understand that



Available on most 99% of 5 Seat car brands


Packing list:

1 set of 5 seat cushions

Pillow selection: (2 neck pillows + 2 back pillows)



1. this car seat cover is not customized according to the car model, not a special car seat cover style. This car seat cover is a universal style for 5 seat cars. So it's not guaranteed to be a 100% perfect fit like custom made at a car shop. Please note and understand.

2. we only sell car seat covers, not car seats.

3. the auto molds we recommend are for reference only.

4. buyers who need a perfect fit seat cover and mind any defects are not recommended to use or buy this product.

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