Hello Kitty Self-heating Warm Belly Warm Sticker Wormwood Hot Compress Body Warming Sticker

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : MU0006

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- Suitable for indoor and outdoor
- Keep body warm in cold places / weather
- Relieving pain associated with arthritis, rheumatic, stiff neck & shoulder, backaches, muscle fatigues
- Relieving menstrual pain
- Stimulate Blood Circulation
- The adhesive helps keep the warmer patch in place.

Features :
- Portable
- Disposable
- The adhesive helps keep the warmer patch in place
- Lasts 12 hours
- Safe, Natural Heat

How to use :
Open the pouch, tear off the safeguard paper and apply adhesive side onto your clothes, do not apply the patch directly to your skin if you don’t aware to the sensation of heat. .

Size 13cmx9.5cm
- Highest Temperature 63℃
- Average Temperature 52℃

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