67g Japan Imported Pan Popcorn DIY Outdoor Snacks

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : FD0003

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Brand: Japan
Age Applicable: 12+months
Weight: 62g
Flavour: Creamy, Soy Sauce

1. Hold the handle of the pot and heat it on a medium-to-small fire (the temperature is recommended to be mastered according to the specific situation), if it is an open flame, the bottom of the pot
2-3 cm from the fire surface, if it is not an open flame (such as an electric ceramic stove), place it on the surface.
2. Shake horizontally from side to side while heating, a popping sound will be heard after a while, and the sealing paper will gradually expand.
3. Shaking continuously during the process makes the corn heat evenly, the upper sealing paper is fully expanded, and the popping sound will stop.
When, turn off the heat, leave the fire surface immediately, shake evenly to avoid mashing. Tear carefully to avoid scalding, after cooling

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