Borosilicate Glass Food Storage Containers with Air-Tight Lids Rectangular Partitioned Glass Fresh Bowl 1000ML

Supplier : We Home Chain (M) SDN BHD

Product Sku : BX-1001

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●Material: high-quality high-boron glass material, high temperature resistance, can be directly in contact with food, will not produce harmful substances, feel free to use.

●Heating: High temperature resistance, it can be directly heated in a microwave oven. When heating, open the breather valve or cover, so it is not easy to burn your hands.

● Grid: There is a grid design in the box, which is not easy to be hot. Different foods can be placed in different grids without odor.

●Seal: Four-sided snap-on seal design, easy to open and close, tightly sealed; sealed silicone ring design on the lid, tightly sealed, moisture-proof and insect-proof, and easy to carry.

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