Heroo Royal White Coffee

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Heroo Royal White Coffee
- 98% LESS Sugar 26g x 12 SACHETS COFFEE PER BOX

SuCaLess Low GL Healthy Sugar Low Sugar and Low Calories Heroo Royal White Coffee use healthy sugar in the coffee make it low in sugar as only 0.2g of sugar added into the coffee.

The other brand in market usually put 15g of white sugar in their premix coffee.

Our 0.2g of sugar is the same sweetness as 15g white sugar, therefore the consume of sugar is lesser and is more healthy lifestyle drink Bamboo Salt Korean Bamboo Salt is vital to cleansing blood cells.

It detoxifies the organs and stimulates cellular metabolism. It has an alkalizing effect on your body as well as water and food. It provides long range benefits for the immune system.

IMPROVES DIGESTION By removing the toxins accumulated on the walls of the stomach and the intestines, bamboo salt assists in regulating bowel movements, reducing constipation and strengthening the overall digestive function.

SUPPLEMENTS ESSENTIAL MINERALS Being a proven source of essential minerals, bamboo salt purifies blood vessels, fosters digestion and prevents protein discharge in urine by enhancing intestinal functions.

DETOXIFIES & STERILIZES Bamboo salt is a strong detoxification agent: Its strong penetrative ability accelerates toxin neutralization and helps to eliminate toxin out of the body.

IMPROVES METABOLISM Metabolism is the biological process of decomposing food into energy and discharging waste matter. And salt plays a prime role in metabolism. When metabolism is affected, the body becomes acidic and turns a soft target for diseases owing to low immune function.

Bamboo salt helps to facilitate metabolism and maintain good health. Treatment for Sore ThroatAs an inflammatory agent, Bamboo Salt can be used to lessen the inflammation in the throat and suppress the aching resulting from the inflammation. Bamboo salt has amazing restorative capacity: It is a powerful antioxidant and restores the normal functions of internal organs.

Highly Alkaline Contains over 76 minerals Helps with inflammation Cordyceps Cordyceps.
May Help to Control Type 2 Diabetes Enhances the body's ability to resist aging.

Could be very useful in diabetes management Might fight kidney disease Could reduce the risk of asthma attacks Cardiovascular health benefits Offers relief from fatigue May Boost Exercise Performance Anti-Aging Properties May Help Fight Inflammation

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