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Type: Snorkeling Equipment
Quantity: 1PC
Material: Silicone+PC+PVC
Snorkel length: 46.4cm/18.24inch
Mask Size: 17.2*9.2cm/6.76*3.62inch
Net Weight: 400.0g/14.11oz

Wide field of vision
Tempered glass lens, anti-fog and anti-impact, the field of vision is increased from 120 degrees to 180 degrees, and the mirror field of vision is wide.

Goggles Skirt Design
Key areas around the forehead and cheek bones have been designed with dimples which combine to increase the skirts softness, flexibility and skin surface contact.

Comfortable and soft
Our exclusive ultralight two­lens mask has an ultra­ light polymer frame and comfort fit skirt in high quality silicone.

Fully dry breathing tube
The top valve has a float valve. When the tube head is submerged in water, the float will immediately start the valve to seal the breathing tube and prevent water from being scooped.

Large diameter purge valve
The High Flow Purge design used on snorkels offers a covered large diameter purge valve for simple, quick clearing, reducing the amount of water remaining in the mouthpiece in an instant.

Leak proof and anti-shock
PC material with snorkel,anti-shock and wear resistant.Silicone water-stop valve plate,with great leak proof effect.Adjustable buckle and silicone straps,suitable for different people.

1.Will it work if i have a beard?
Answer: In general, the mask will perform best when you are clean-shaven. If there is some light facial hair you may experience some minor leaking, but the mask would still be usable.

2.Is there any age limit for users of this product?
Answer: Don't use for the baby or kid less than 36 months, It will lead choking.

3.Does this diving mask have requirements for the water temperature of the environment in which it is used?
Answer: We suggest that user is better wear the mask in Temperature 18~45'C water.

4. Can I breathe through nose and mouth?
Answer: Our snorkel mask can only breathe through the mouth, the nose is the way to breathe

Clean mask with fresh water after use every time.
Put the mask in warm fresh water for some minutes
After sea snorkel to avoid corrosion.
Avoid to use soap or detergents to make visibility well.
Keep dry after use.
Don't place the mask under the sunlight directly.
Don't use towel to clean the face lens, glasses cloth Is better.
Don't place face lens touch the hard surface.

1 * Diving Mask
1 * Snorker

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