ZERO Z BC Luxurious Brazilian Keratin Treatment Wake Active Essence Smoothing Repair Silky Lasting SALON - 50ml x 5pcs

Supplier : Bu Yao Hair Beauty Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : BH-ZER

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Zero Z BC Luxurious Wake Active Essence Smoothing Repair Silky Lasting Keratin Treatment : 

Content : (50ml x 5pcs) 

Ingredients : From USA 


Descriptions : 
Wake active essence quick effects toughness,from the United states proffessional hairdressing formula, using Australian cashmere far extract , rich in keratin and amino acids, nutrients elements close to the human hair chain arrangement of 99% of the organization's.  Can effectively remove the natural volume and hairy hair ,to create a complete and effective effects of life and life.

Direction Of Use :

1 Deeply clean the hair twice without applying conditioner.

2 Apply this keratin treatment to wet hair, comb through it, leave it for 15 minutes.

3. Blow dry the hair completely, use a hair iron to heat the hair completely and thoroughly at between 160 degrees to 180 degrees celsius, pull it quickly for the first three times, and slow down the last three pull, let your hair cool and rinse.

4.  Apply the conditioner to the entire head and comb it evenly, rinse with water and dry it, and blow dry for the most realistic effect.

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