Electrostatic Dust Removal Paper Flat Mop Hand Free Washing Wet Dry Tissue Disposable Rag Wipes Tisu Pengelap Lantai

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : HH0111

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『Retractable electrostatic dust removal mop + universal electrostatic dust removal replacement dust removal paper, high quality. Velcro design, ultra-easy installation, 360-degree turning, clear gaps and no dead ends. 90-125cm telescopic and adjustable shaft, clean at high places without worry, electrostatic effect, dust and dandruff, easy to remove! 』

⭕ Product name: [Electrostatic paper flat mop]
⭕ Product material: stainless steel + PP
⭕ Length of mop: 107.5cm
⭕ Mop board size: 9.5*25cm
⭕ Electrostatic paper size:20*30cm
⭕ Product features:
. Dry and wet, easy to clean
. Super dust collection power, can completely absorb hair and dust
. The process is quiet and silent, easy to clean

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