Natural Wooden Bamboo Comb Scalp Massage Hair Growth Hair Brush Anti Static Air Cushion 竹木梳子 Sikat Rambut

Supplier : Bu Yao Hair Beauty Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : BH-NWB

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Natural Wooden Bamboo Scalp Massage Hair Brush : 

Dimension : 
Rectangle: 8.5cm x 24.7cm
Oval: 8.0cm x 23.0cm

Features : 
-Scalp Massage (Blood circulation)
-Good for Hair Growth
-Prevent Hair Loss
-Smoothen hair
-Stress reliefs
-Fine & Smooth Natural Wood (Comfortable grip/handle when combing your hair)
-Upgraded Carbonised Bamboo Bristles Pin (Excellent durability)
-Air Cushion (Maintain & balance air pressure inside and outside the hairbrush for a comfortable scalp massage)
-Anti Static

1. Due to the natural wooden bamboo made, the texture of each comb might be slightly different.
2. Take note that there is a hole at middle bottom of airbag cushion for air ventilation purpose.

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