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Product Sku : D0182

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Product Features:
1. Applicable people: over 6 years old (all children and adults can wear it)
2. Design: Leakproof, Anti-fog
3. Shape: Fit most of face, suit for round face, oval face, slender face, melon face, square face and so on.
4. Seal: Shock absorption and pressure seal
5. Straps: High flexible straps, adjustable length.

1. Wide face to go?
A: Fits perfectly. Our goggles fit for most of face shape, do not worry.
2.Does the goggles sweat in the water?
A: No, if you suddenly fogged up glasses(inside), please check whether you wear well of the goggles, whether fit well of your face.
3. Which color is better?
A: All is good, mirror goggles suits for outdoors, clear goggles suit for indoor pool.
4.Anti fog and UV Protection?
A: Yes, it provides an excellent swimming expreience under water. Offer you a clear view and protect your eyes.
5. Water Leaking?
A: No! our unique design and adjustable straps, never allows water leak in.

1. Please wash the goggle gently in clean water after using, shake off water-drops and then dry the goggle with a drier.
2. Please keep the goggle in a dry place,for a better and longer vapor-free life.
3. Don't wipe the lenses with a towel,which may hurt the lenses.
4. Please keep the goggle away from the heat or hot water,which may deform the goggle.
5. Please allow only sight motions with your facial muscles while wearing the goggle,or the water may leak in.
6. Please adjust properly the nose bridge and the strap before getting into water.
7. Please stop using the goggle if it causes discomfort to your eyes.
8. Please tear protective film inside and outside when using.

Package includes:
1 X Swimming goggles

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