Auto Self Inflatable Air Bed Portable Outdoor Camping Sleeping Pad Pillow Tilam Tidur Khemah FREE Storage Bag


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(A) How to inflate:

1) Open the valve at end of the mat

2) Leave about 3-5 minutes (It will take hours to inflate totally for FIRST USE)

3) Wait until mat is fully inflated

4) Close the valve at end of the mat

5) Open air valve of the pillow and blow it to desire thickness and close back

(B) How to deflate:

1) Open the air valve of the pillow, expel the air out

2) Open the valve at end of the mat

3) Roll the mat start from pillow to bottom, squeeze the air out (Repeat the step, it will be smaller)

4) Close the valve

5) Buckle up it and store in storage bag









Built-in pillow (Blow to use)

Joinable design (splice design)

Self-inflating bed (Auto-inflate)

-Automatic inflatable mat with pillow

-Adopt high rebound sponge, very comfortable and lightweight

-Environmental friendly waterproof mat protects you from damp grass and sand

-Extensible design: 2pcs or more can join together to form a bigger mattress.(Only 1 mat included here)

-Perfect for picnics, camping, hiking, beach days, sporting events, backyard play, hunting, and more

-Roll up into pouch for easy storage.

-Comfortable mat with built-in pillow ensurescomfort while camping

-Snap buttons connect two or more mats to form a larger sleeping mat.

-Free-flow valve allows for easy inflation and deflation

-PVC, 190T Polyester with PVC coating shell increases durability and weather resistance

-Nice a snap fastener design which can be combined together w/ the other Mat

-Compression straps attached for simple transport and storage

-Filled with High Permeability and High-elastic sponge

-Inflated: 183cm x 57cm x 3cm (up to 4cm in thickness when inflated)

-Rolled up: 60cm x 13cm x 13cm

-Material: 190T polyester-coated PVC with PU spring-back sponge

-Colour: GREEN / BLUE

The camping sleeping mat is self-inflating! Just roll out the sleeping pad and twist the black valve at the bottom of the pad. And, it will automatically inflate within few minutes. External of the sleeping pad is made of quality polyester fabric makes it waterproof. It is also lightweight and small compact enough to be carried in your backpack. The pad is about 2.5 cm thickness which designed to seek a perfect balance between comfort and packing volume, comfort enough to support your body away from the hard ground. Pillow is attached with the mat and just blow it up to use, easy and convenient. You can buckle up with more mats to make an extra-large one!

Package Include:
1 x Sleeping Mat
1 x Storage Bag

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