Household disinfection mite decontamination washing machine tank cleaning effervescent tablets

Supplier : ANC International Sdn Bhd

Product Sku : HH0132

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* Oxygenated formula disintegrates dirt, softening and decomposing, disintegrating           stubborn stains and forming anti-bacterial film
* 99% germicidal rate, cleaning more in place, wearing healthier clothes
*Fast penetration, sterilization and mold removal, remove dirt, eliminate odor
*Remove odor, emit fragrance, avoid secondary pollution of clothes
*No corrosion of metal, no harm to the washing machine, no harm to cloth

Washing Machine Tub Cleaner Washer Cleaning Tablet 12 PCS Cleaner Laundry Soap Detergent Effervesc.


 1. Put the cleaning block in the washing machine filled with water. 

2. Start the washing machine as per usual and let it run for 10 mins. 

   After the washing machine stopped let the water stay in the washing machine at least 3-6 hours. 

3. Drained the water into sewage.  Recommended to use 

4  6 cleaning blocks for first use, subsequent use 3 cleaning blocks. One time use per month. 

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