Heads Professional Paris Shampoo Set Anti Dandruff Anti Hair Loss Thicken Hair Botanical Hair Treatment Set

Supplier : CLOT

Product Sku : LT0018-HS

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Product Information
HS1 (300ml)
Product Name : Botamix Nutri Repair Masque
Category : Hair Conditioner
Size : 300ml
Botamix Nutri Repair Masque
* Ultimate treatment for damaged, weakened and stressed hair
* Advanced technology allows it to penetrate the hair shaft
* Most intensive healing treatment of vital nutrients to improve the quality and structure hair
* For all types of hair

Apply generously to moist hair. Leave on for 3 or more minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Product Information
HS5 (300ml)
Product Name : Botamix Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo
Category : Shampoo
Size : 300ml
Botamix Hair Loss Therapy Shampoo
* Innovative fusion between the blend of herbal extracts and the best of brand new cosmetic ingredients
* Helps to reduce excessive daily hair loss
* For oil control & anti-hair loss

Wet the hair thoroughly .Distribute in hands, then gently work through hair, lathering for one minute. Rinse well. Use daily to hit the best performance.

Product Information
HS4 (300ml)
Product Name : Botamix Dandruff Shampoo Soothing Relief Shampoo
Category : Shampoo
Size : 300ml
* Contains luxurious blend of conditioners, proteins and natural botanical ingredients
* The enriched ingredients added linger on the hair longer providing shiny appearance while aid in repairing the broken shafts and splits ends
* The protein contents rich in cysteine that helps to restore natural cysteine lost during the chemical process
* For dandruff & sensitive scalp

Wet the hair thoroughly. Apply Botamix Scalp Shampoo. Massage into rich luxurious lather. Rinse thoroughly.

Product Information
HS7 (120ml)
Product Name : Botamix Hair Tonic
Category : Finishing / Hair Treatment
Size : 120ml
Botamix Hair Tonic
* For hair loss & fine hair types
* Botamix Hair tonic do moisture the hair, prevent split ends & damage hair. It makes scalp clean & control the dandruff as a result for healthier hair.
* Moisture the hair, prevent split ends & damage hair
* It makes scalp clean & control the dandruff as a result for healthier hair

Apply on fully dry hair. Spread onto scalp directly. Massage in circular shape using fingertips for maximum absorption. Leave it dry naturally.

HS19 (120ml)
Product Name : Botamix Hair Kerantin Serum
Category : Hair Treatment
Size : 120ml
*For all types of hair
Bio Argan Oil contains Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, known to restore the shine dull and chemically treated hair. It Is instantly absorbed by the hair and results in a silky smooth finish with brilliant shine. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil is an incredibly rich source of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Use daily to improve the health of the hair.

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