3D Marble Wallpaper Sticker for Cabinet Living Room Bathroom Wall Decoration Waterproof Self Adhesive 60CM x 5M


Product Sku : D0020-B

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Material: Premium PVC
Color: As show as variation
Product size: 60CM x 5M=1 roll

To calculate the quantity of wallpaper you need
1 roll = 0.6m x 5m cover 3 m2
In feet, 1 roll = 1.969ft x 16.4ft cover 32.3 square feet

A wall which is 9 feet height & 10 feet width. 9 x 10 = 90 square feet
90 ÷ 32.3 = 2.8 rolls, so 3 rolls are enough

A room with a door, a window and 4 walls, which are 2 (9ft x 9ft) & 2 (9ft x 11ft).
2 (9ft x 9ft) + 2 (9ft x 11ft) - door (3ft x 7 ft) - window (4ft x 4ft)
= 162 sqft + 198 sqft - 21 sqft - 16 sqft = 341 square feet
323 ÷ 32.3 = 10 rolls, so you need to buy 10 rolls.

1. High quality, high gloss and finish.
2. Smooth surface, oil proof, waterproof, environmental protection, easy to remove residue.
3. Self-adhesive (No extra glue needed), peel, stick and done! No hassles.
4. Directly from manufacturer, avoid distribution to save outrageous cost.
5. Use for Cabinet, kitchens, bathrooms, home and office applications.

Instruction to use:
1. Prepare tools. Scissors, ruler, strike-off board.
2. It can be placed on any smooth clean and dry surface.
3. Clean large surfaces with mild soap and water.
4. Measure the surface to cover. Cut the film into right size, it’s better to leave about 5cm extra.
5. Peel off the backing paper evenly with one hand whilst smoothing the film to the surface. With your other hand, from the center to edges.
6. Creases and air bubbles can be removed by applying light pressure from the center to the edges with strike-off borad.

1. Clean the surface with wipes and let it dry completely.
2. Use for flat and smooth surfaces only.
3. Do not reuse.
4. If you have any concerns by using it, please feel free to contact us, we will respond within 24 hours.

Please Note:
1. Due to the light and screen setting difference, the items color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

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