How to Sync Lazada

How To Integrate Your Dropshipii and Lazada Account.
7 simple steps to integrate your Dropshipii and Lazada Account
Step 1 : Sign in your Dropshipii account.

Step 2 : Click on Click your account icon
Step 3 : Click “Dropsynz Marketplace”

Step 4 : Click “New Authorization” at the “Lazada” option

You need to sign in your Lazada Seller account for verification.
Step 5 : Select Country “Malaysia”
- Then enter your email and password that you log in for your Lazada account
Step 6 : Click “Log In”

Step 7 : Check back “Dropsynz Marketplace” page, once Authorization succeed, it will shows your Lazada shop name

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated your Lazada Seller Account with Lazada account.
You can start SYNC products now!

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